POLONIEX:BCNBTC   Bytecoin / Bitcoin
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BCN time for wake up

as we see bcn lose 85 % from the summit to ocean dips

85% big loss yes but are u know bcn growing at last months about 1000 %

so are bcn do the same move again?

yes, we expect BCN will do the same thing soon mean by soon not today or tomorrow :)

soon maybe before end of this year


not a high price for get BCN and invest in it

as we see bcn play above last level for fibo pass it where is he will go ?!! to zero? surely not

so i recommend for invest in bcn If you have money in excess of your need surely take a ticket for BCN movie :)

gain 1000 % again at this time target=0.00000500

At the end,

we ask Allah reconcile and repay

thoughts on this now?

looking at this pair currently but kind of weird.
I see so much compression at BCN price. We will see huge pumping.
I was invest to bcn in Aug.
Is it trade active? or Sell? Holding?
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@HOJIN, still active as invest bro "long terms next move before end of this year "
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Is moon shot is available to Bytecoin?
15th August 2017
I meant to say is moon shot still available to Bytecoin? :)
Without any F.U.D. try to see what the community is doing at her official Bytecoin telegram chat, enter here ---> t.me/bytecoinchat (@Bytecoinchat)

they are working very hard, BCN will rise to the moon! haters gona hate!

Ty @HamadaMark for youre alwayse helpfull t.a.!
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