Bytecoin in Future

POLONIEX:BCNBTC   Bytecoin / Bitcoin
Bytecoin is a cryptonote cryptocurrency has made in 2012. After a long silence from Dev team, they started a new beginning.
At first, they started to refactoring the code of Bytecoin and enhancing it and then add more stability in BCN network and wallet.
Really they had a good progress and now we can say that the BCN(Bytecoin) has a newborn. Because of Bytecoin cheap price and no fees transferring, we can count on it for small money transferring in future of cryptocurrencies. In top coins, BTC and BCH has a big struggle. I think for future we should have a main coin for sending big money and a small coin with a free fee for transferring small money,

What is your idea about Bytecoin? Let's talk about it

BCN goals have reached:
1- Code refactoring
2- Web wallet release:
3- New website:
4- Native mobile wallet:

Accept Bytecoin payments:

Buy, Sell, and exchange Bytecoin:

For more information see (official site) and (my site)
評論: BCN has broken the first resistance in pullback. Well, will it break the second resistance too soon?
評論: Good Token that worth to have.
交易結束:目標達成: I Sold 140k Bytecoin --> $2400
Good call.
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why isn't any exchange supporting it anymore?
any exchange but Poloniex and HitBTC supporting it?

where do u change it?
is there any problem with it?
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Alireza HKEtradingview
@HKEtradingview, Well most think it is a scam coin. But it is still alive and going forward. BCN will be added to many exchanges in 2018.
funny, I bought 100bcn for kicks in May when I first started trading, and always laughed to myself when I saw it in my polo. Now its doing well and I wish I held more than $.40 worth..
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Alireza freeworld
@freeworld, Still not too much late for buying. It is still cheap.
how much it can go in 2018 max
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Alireza SanjanaWadhwa
@SanjanaWadhwa, Well our first goal is $0.01 in first quarter of 2018 and at the end of 2018 we thinking about $1
u r prediction about BCN previously is correct hope BCN to moon now. thanks for chart
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Alireza uday3014
@uday3014, I think you have in good profit now
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