BINANCE:BCPTBTC   BlockMason Credit Protocol / Bitcoin
BlockMason great project, have great team.
Now, price mooning in triangle, after breakout i setup 2 targets for us.

Entry now, at market price: 11600
Target 1: 21000
Target 2: 31300
評論: https://blockmason.io/
交易進行: Moving in predicted range
交易進行: Price flowing over Fibonacci supports. It should touch support line (uptrend) soon, and bounce up.
What do you know about project? send comments
交易進行: Price near support
評論: im holding
交易進行: New Pattern recognized, targets active
Hi Mr. Shevelev. Can you give a update. I bought it for 14491 and its now 6760. What will you recommend.
Take the losses and invest it in a another coin of HODL?
dmazlum Poeee001
@Poeee001, Hodl :) we are same situation. Hodl and wait :)
What a Shittrade :'(
It’s lost 25% if it’s value in the 4 days since you posted and you haven’t updated it?
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johnlawck PRO johnlawck
@johnlawck, love your ideas most of the time but they’re much more valuable when updated semi-regularly, especially after major market shifts. I would be much more willing to donate to your funds after a coin does well if I wasn’t simply trying to recover losses from Trx, Vibe, App, Myst, or this.
Hello, any update about this coin?
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Update please.
Thank you.
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yalanci ibine
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Please update this idea. Thanks man
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Hey a.shevelev, please update. There's some pretty sideways/downward action on this.
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