BITBEAN: For Those Who Missed XDN and XVG

BITTREX:BITBBTC   BitBean / Bitcoin
If you have been following me before the whole pump of these penny coins, you would at least capitalize 36x with Verge. I didn't make a post about XDN , but the play were similar. Here is the third play, I am currently in BITBEAN at 95 sat. There is one more after Bitbean, and it is Redd. If you check my previous post, you will see the potential in it. Don't miss out. What are your thoughts?

Trade with care.
Hey! Can you upgrade the chart?
Why do you believe in this project? can you explain a little? or is it only because of TA?
AbdorhmanThi Mblehbleh
@Mblehbleh, only TA. The cheap coins will lose attention soon. They were fun to trade for the time.
Mblehbleh AbdorhmanThi
@AbdorhmanThi, Yeah, so it seems, with bitcoin getting bullish again, all alts are going down.
Still sticking to my port tho, don't want to dump now because of bitcoin going up.
Thanks for the TA
Any update on this? It seems to be in a sideways movement right now. Good time to jump in still? I'm usually a swing trader but always willing to hold for a little while if the return is worth it.
@donyewuc, this is a swing trade.
donyewuc AbdorhmanThi
@AbdorhmanThi, Day trader* is what I meant to say. I'm usually in and out within a couple minutes or hours.
AbdorhmanThi, what do you think is happening now? I hope it's not an ABC correction to 122 sat level, cause i laddered myself in kinda late at 150 sat on average! :(
@Romeoneo, still waiting for 120-130.
Hmm, it seems like the bottom of wave 4 is already in at 132 sat. It's time to put up your ladders for the last wave...
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