Binance BNB/BTC A sleeper coin

BINANCE:BNBBTC   Binance Coin / Bitcoin
We have a descending triangle and a buy indicator at the 9 on a 4hr chart. Looking at past indicators for the same pattern, the trading by 9's seems to be pretty accurate. I modify the trading strategy from 1 day for stocks to 4hrs for crypto due to the increased volatility .

The coin also has good fundamentals. It's used to pay fees on the Exchange at a rather large discount. Binance is also buying the coins back. The Exchange is located in Japan which is a crypto friendly place. It's by far the easiest exchange to setup and use. It takes literally minutes. It has a simple to use interface -0.39% that could reach a broad audience. With regulation coming down in many countries I could see users seeking refuge on Binance.

A final thought... When markets pull back it makes you think about the coins you chose and their underlying value. There is a lot of speculation on what might be built, or how useful something might become. This coin is being used today.
評論: It looks like we'll be in this bear eating Bitcoin trend for the next week or so based on the most recent Bitcoin trend. We're not done yet because we don't have support to break out of the 13K range. I think we need to bounce off the 8K range before it's over. This could present another chance to buy BNB. Watch it close the next few days.
H and S
The only thing is that BNB had a huuuuuge run up recently and may be due for a big correction.
cryptanalysis rszabo021
@rszabo021, Good point, I bought it at $3. Recently added more at $11 range. Wait for bargain prices. I think the run up is reflective of the 5.8 million users they've got. I think they could reach eBay levels of traffic, which has 126 million active users between Asian and Western markets. Think about that... If the price can reach low $20 range with 5.8 million users what would happen at 126 million users. Would it increase at the same rate per user? It should... More users, more people buying the coin to pay their fees.
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