BNBUSDT Binance possible correction

BINANCE:BNBUSDT   Binance Coin / TetherUS
BNB had good performance in December. At the top, it appeared to have formed a falling wedge , which would be a bullish continuation pattern. However, it had a weak breakout, and now we seem to be forming a rising wedge pattern, which would be bearish continuation.

This shows the indecision in the market. Apparently, everyone is waiting for the bitcoin situation to resolve.

In the best-case scenario, a bullish continuation will lead us to $14.
Worst, $5. The monthly MA may provide some support above $5.

I just got some this morning as I opened a Binance account. It's my way to hedge against the possibility that BTC will go up from here, even though my mid-term view has been bearish .

Check out my website: http://www.jlteng.com

And my view on bitcoin:
評論: still in the wedge
評論: still in wedge. maybe break out
評論: BNB broke out today. Very nice. I personally will keep holding because it's useful for everyday trading & because it's useful every day on binance, it's unlikely to fall to crazily.
評論: OMG, should've bought more. I suspect this is because money on binance don't have a good place to flow into at the moment
we are waiting for new prediction :))
DrJLT kemalsaden
@kemalsaden, I think it may correct a bit more, but not much; then, another jump.
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