BRD Long, Risk 7.5% to make 100%+

BINANCE:BRDBTC   Bread / Bitcoin
In my opinion, has potential to grow.

1) Under priced at 100m
2) Has product in early stages
3) Decent Team

1) Bull Flag & holding EMAs
2) Risk = 7.5%, Reward Potential = 100%+
3) 14 to 1, Risk to Reward
what you think?
Any update? Recovery imminent?
Bread ( BRD 0.00% ) is the gem on the Binance Exchange. It is in the industry since 2014 as a no.2 BTC -3.31% wallet.

BRD 0.00% was recent ICO 0.00% that was launched to aim develop their wallet which has already more than 1 million users.

All they need now is turn the switch and connect more tokens to their wallets. It is the most secured wallet after coinbase wallet. They have Charlie Lee on the advisory board.

Currently it has market cap that has just 150 million in market capital.

Their roadmap seems very bullish and they are trying to built paypal type payment system for crypto mainstream in USA and world over.

Great ICO 0.00% with a running utility and wallet !

Very Bullish and all in - Target 1 : $10

Checkout their website for their roadmap.

My target is atleast $10 because it is still in early stages so the best strategy would be buy and hold ... This is definately a investment asset rather than trading !
Thanks!! What your target would be? Or are you in for the long run?
loomankin arisgrc1
@arisgrc1, at least for it to go back to its high of $3.40 which would be 100% from current from of $1.70. I'll have to see where the market is in the coming days and weeks. I'll trade according to what the market tells me. If I see another trade to take I won't hesitate to take it.
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