The (not-so-anymore) Lonely Bull II

Again, a pretty much self-explainatory chart. Forgive me not deleting the Fib smaller retracements, but I need them for shorter-term analysis :D. This is the continuation of

I'm not sure how to set targets for the bull flag in the long term, as per Bulkowski it'd be like 9.000€ ($11.000) -67% pole PIPS, measured from bottom line of flag- but that's measuring a target from a negative price... xD . As per trading-tutorial standards it could break all the 13400PIPS up to around 21.000€ ($25.000), so I'll let the market develop in the meantime... For now, if we close the weekly candle out of the bull flag , there's room for some big move to the upside.

The targets for the falling wedge breakout that I set on April 10th's chart seem to align conveniently with a trendline of previous market tops of june-2017 august-2017. Didn't delete that old lines for a reason and now they seem to align moreless with both wedge targets, and it would fit the "return to the mean" meme after the classic Bubble Popping graph https://i2.wp.com/transportgeography.org...

Good luck fellow traders and thanks for the upvotes, I made it to 50 rep and I can comment on other people charts now! BIG ty!

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