Fundamentalist analysis of the BITCOIN asset.

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Looking at a macro fundamentalist scenario we have some interesting points that the mainstream media intends to hide from their headlines.To base the valuation potential of the bitcoin in the long term we have the technology behind this coin as a watershed for the world. The gold was the ballast to our economics relationships for millennia, for religious convection in primacy, but without any representative functionality as a technology, just convection. But Bitcoin is different it because indeed, bring to the economy, functionality, and representation.Trough the progress Bitcoin becomes it into an asset of unique value. Inside this perspective, we have some facts going on right now that will bring us to a glimmer of the future potential of this coin/technology and the incapability of the present economy elite to precify this asset.

Fact 1 – The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) will going to use their own cryptocurrency on operations. The use of the cryptocurrency remains without a name and would be restricted to the payment of the suppliers in the projects supported by the bank and will allow that the money disbursed can be traced through an electronic payment system developed by the BNDES in partnership with the development bank german KW. The objective is given more transparency to the operations. The new coin must be used for the first time in May, to fund projects of the Amazon Fund, managed by BNDES.

“We will be the first development bank in the world to use the blockchain technology. The great advantage is to give transparency to the operations” said the director of planning and credit of the BNDES, Carlos Alexandre Costa. We will eventually be able to track until the second level of the payment, that is when a supplier subcontracts another. Source: Época Negócios.

Fact 2 – In day 04/02, the Enel a multinational Italian company of the electric energy sector, gathered a lot of influencers and one specialist to discuss how the concept of the blockchain can go a lot further beyond cryptocurrencies and change the energy industry too.

The Enel Focus On, as is called the event, it happened in Santiago, capital of Chile, that was receiving too the Formula E, a category of the automobiles formed only by cars 100% electrics, that the Enel sponsors

In the event, Joel Comm , the specialist in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and idealizer of the Bad Crypto Podcast, Brought a number of influencers the concept of the blockchain applications a segment that until now seems uncommon. Joel reinforced that the concept is the most disruptive in the history of the technology, much as the emergence of the smartphones even the internet itself. Source: Tecmundo.

Well, we have dozens of others events that we don’t have space to measure here, such a greatness of this miracle that is called Bitcoin . Above we see that it's not about future, but the indelible present. We have Satoshi as Tesla and the states in their desperate attempt to block our shout of freedom, as Thomas Alva Edison silenced the advent of the free energy brought by him. Who will win this battle, just the fate will tell. Let the games begin.

By Trader Igor Lucio
Excelente texto motivacional e representa a realidade a qual o Estado ainda não quer aceitar em plenitude.
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