Bitcoin and Retrograde Events for 2018

Alright... this was a tad of work. Apologies for it being so messy.

Top of the trend lines , are Direct and leaving Retrograde zone
Bottom of trend line , planet enters retrograde zone and/or retrograde.
Rx = Retrograde

I watched a video on Renko Candles and the presenter listed several systems he uses for TA with one of them being Astro Cycles. This piqued my interest. I found the book and thought retrograde events were worth marking and observing.

Retrograde events have been noted to affect life on Earth. Of particular greater importance are the faster moving planets like Mercury and Venus. ...and the moon.
When a planet goes retrograde, it appears like it's going the opposite direction of Earth. Vice versa when it goes direct.

Briefly talking about a few planets.
-Mercury deals with health, mechanical, electronics, communication... when retrograde, computers crash, health vulnerabilities are more fragile, communication can go awry.
-Venus deals with materialistic and monetary things. So if Venus goes retrograde then monies should be afflicted. maybe... I don't know and am mapping it on the chart to see what happens.
-Jupiter - Expansiveness, if retrograde then deals with contracting.
-Eclipses are not auspicious events.

Again, apologies for not being more descriptive with this. I want to back test this whole thought process with 2017 retrograde events.
評論: 3 events that happened in the past that correlated w significant dips:
Mercury entering Retrograde zone : 3-8-18
Jupiter going Retrograde : 3-8-18

Total Lunar Eclipse : 1-31-18, which also correlated with a spike in FUD news.

coincidence? idk. I need to use the Gann fan to add another layer of potential confluence.
評論: Important addition that I missed. July 7th, 2018 Mercury enters its retrograde zone.

Hi mate,
Is there an indicator on TradingView to track the Venus or Mercury Retrograde cycles?
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Just apply a it 2014-2016 you will find that not only does bitcoin but all markets follow these movements. These are the hidden language of the charts. All charts. Thank you for creating this.
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