BTCUSD trading range, rsi , H&S


- RSI set 50 (50 X 1hour = 2 days range approx) and for easy reading for pattern/ chart. but we can see that actual resistance of the RSI is about 50 anyway, so I think that if the RSI climb above 50 and breaks his resistance (green) then we should go back to a bullish trend .
- In yellow is the divergence, clear sign that the trend will reverse. No sign on RSI for bullish divergence since.
- I have identified a trading range for BTC price, and I will wait to see how it evolves.
- I also have identified a potential Head and shoulder so I will use a stop loss, and trying to buy lower if I m not celebrating at this time, but I m taking care of this idea as it is easy to see HS everywhere, and this will lead to a bigger dip. But everything possible, as we know crypto volatity since months. HS are often at the top of the 5. wave and involve healthy correction specially after such bullish last weeks.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and don't forget to disconnect and enjoy real life with your loved ones, take emotions with them not on your charts.

Sorry for my bad English, I' trying to improve it as well as my trading skills.. :) There for all constructive comments are welcome !
評論: down trend resistance broken.
need to broke 16k$ now.
交易進行: I would like to see $BTC closing above 16000$. Actually a pullback to 11/12 k$ still possible.
評論: come back in the trading range and possible HS forming. Retest the support is possible..
評論: actually on the support ..... let's see if it holds


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