If the bitcoin bubble is to retrace it will do a 65% retrace.

Chart is self explanatory

It could extend to 80%, All the people that bought recently (November-December) are about to get tested...
評論: The time has come... Bitcoin may retest 6000$ Watch out
評論: It has begun, my expectation is that it will reach 8000$ before the 20th Jan
評論: It will bottom around 6500 and 7500$
評論: It didn't do the 65% retrace, but the weekly candle hasn't still close so the possibility remains, it depends with how much volume it retraces...

If it turns out that the retrace was just 30% as it is then this is a strong bullish sign...
評論: It looks like bitcoin won't go below 10k this month..
評論: Looks like we are heading to 6k now
評論: Bitcoin already retrace 60% so this trade is already a success.
交易進行: Long from here ...
66% From the top, almost exactly... That is if we hold current support.
交易結束:目標達成: Buying the dip is always profitable
rexlomax EstebanD
@EstebanD, Gracias y saludos
good call
rexlomax MasterofCoins
@MasterofCoins, Thanks
wow 8k within 5 days? Nah, not going to happen. This bubble isnt done yet, why? cause stone cold alt season says so! (heheh)
rexlomax Noobincrypt
@Noobincrypt, i think it's happening
+1 回覆
@rexlomax, yes, if 10k doesnt hold 8k seems very likely, if not lower. I think this correction will be short lived tho, ie not a multimonth bear market. Im bias tho as still holding large amount of alts (bought more on the dips today ;D
rexlomax Noobincrypt
@Noobincrypt, now it's time to see if this correction will be short lived or not...
+1 回覆
@rexlomax, i expect sideways 2 months or so, and alt pumps. maybe 7k-14k or so. or could just 12-15k then down to 5k or so. well see. good call on the drop, used to check your stuff more than a year ago and was often impressed.
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