There was no short squeeze. Had to show this.

No comment.
評論: You can just see the shorts with 8000$ as stop loss.
This really looks like the price got pumped to 8000 (only took a few hundred BTC buys for this) to stop loss shorts & make the fomo people buy, and now whoever pumped is dumping?
Anyone with a few millions to risk can pump and dump when the volume is this low...
This happens too often in crypto and too often people get caught doing it, not to consider the possibility, strong possibility...

評論: The amount of money some exchanges/whales are making... -.-

This is BS they barely take any risk.

When this gets regulated I'm going to laugh.
1- Innovation happens first
2- The scammers come in
3- Regulators start looking
Could you explain how whales make money liquidating shorts ? I understand that by buying large amounts of BTC they liquidate shorts. But are they taking money from the people who shorted ? Thanks
MrRenev QueenBx
@QueenBx, Look at market buys and limit sells.
QueenBx MrRenev
@MrRenev, I know those two, it's okay if you don't know how to explain..
MrRenev QueenBx
@QueenBx, Set sell orders at 8000$. Buy at market at 7900 when volume is low af and you can push the price without trying.
All the short sellers with tight SL buy Bitcoin you are selling at 8000. Some of you probably go long on 8000 break, just sell to them what you bought at 7900.
This happens all the time, regulators try their hardest, but they can't do anything. Simply people that try to make money, nothing's stopping them, and retail
traders keep falling for it. If I had millions to play with I would do the same when I'm bored tbh.
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MrRenev QueenBx
@QueenBx, Some articles about this:

It's possible for retail traders to actually benefit from this.

That sentence "Given that your Forex broker IS the market when a retail Forex trader places a trade, people should know that the broker knows where your stop is located."
I don't think brokers necesseraly are the one that do this, but it would be funny.

They got so greedy on Okex (in the official statement Okex say they have identified market manipulators which are organised):

Oh and then there's the pump and dump groups, they have website, they advertise on youtube even...

You also got Cramer that openly discusses market manipulation on tv, "oh ye sure I loved to do this it's very lucrative" all chill, regulators can't prove anything.

Idk why people think it's a conspiracy theory or keep getting scammed...
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what does it mean?
MrRenev bitgains
@bitgains, Every one is saying the price went up before all the shorts got closed, but they got closed after we went up (if TV data is correct lol), so they are all wrong.
The price did not go up because of the shorts being closed. The reason why it went up is speculation.
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MrRenev MrRenev
@MrRenev, I meant every one is saying the price went up AFTER the shorts got closed, as a consequence, my bad mistyped.
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