BITCOIN is Overbought, a big pullback may happen soon

BTCUSD is OverBought in 42m and 1H time frame, as indicated in 9 Seasons Rainbow Indicator.
A new high may be touched, meanwhile, a big pullback may happen soon.
評論: RSI Divergence in 1H, BTC Lower High
評論: OverBought in 15m
評論: An ascending triangle is developing, looks like a new breakout can be expected before the pullback. Overbought in 10m, 15m has become Crazybought, which normally means a possible breakout.
評論: Disclaim:
This is only a personal opinion and does not serve as investment nor trading advice.
You should make their own decisions, carefully assess risks and be responsible for your own investment and trading activities.
評論: The ascending triangle failed, looks like the range ends.

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