Moving in triangle. Broke out and tested support line of falling wedge . Stoch RSI oversold.
交易結束:達到停損點: Stop loss
Tonights rebound was a dead cat bounce only, obviously:

BTC now focus on 10k. If it brakes downsidemomentum should accelerate. Good luck and good trades to everyone.
I do it

What do you think?
BTC defenitely turned on a dime after METROPOLITAN BANK denied the news / rumors from before: Rebound is "on", trades should be long now and not short.

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jorshhh SwissView
@SwissView, awesome call! where do you get those news from? thanks
METROPOLITAN BANK DENIES Ceasing Cryptocurrency-Related International Wires

BTC turned on a dime at 10k. The reversal should ease the downside pressure. I would not short further BTC right now until more facts are available.

Thx To GN
We posted this Idea of Bitcoin on Dec 30th 2018 . We stated that if it did not hold at the 12 level that it would return to a buy zone of 8k to 9k. Now I see it can even touch the 7.5k. Here is the Chart we posted & thanks again.
We predicted these last movements, for BTCUSD, based on structure analysis:

TradingClear TradingClear
@TradingClear, Click to play out the above chart.
I predicted this a few days ago.

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