Completion of the 4 hour crossover would mark a bullish market.

This is for personal reference. Looking at the 1D chart with the 50/200 EMA suggests that we are still in a bullish market. But with the current supports and resistances, it might be difficult for bitcoin to break out easily with current volume . To keeping an open mind and hoping for the best.
DISCLAIMER - I do not trade BTC in the short-term during a bearish market, primarily holding BTC and a lot of ALT's and looking to enter more ALT markets.
Just a note, as I hope your right (I'm hodling) and don't necessarily disagree.
The "last completed crossover" had an RSI bounce back above 50 to carry 2 more pulses above 70, whereas this time there were just now 3 RSI pulses above 70 and now it's dipped below 50.
Because of this, it would seem harder to push back into bull territory given those, but these are higher prices with scarier moves in or out.
What are your favorite alts?
pixelizedchaos klanedroid
@klanedroid, I agree, I am looking to dig deeper into my saving accounts as looking at daily charts it's pretty evident that we are going to drop a fair bit lower. It's fairly hard to be bullish given the circumstances but since I bought BTC before the pump up, I am doing my best to stay collected, and just do some base trading to improve my portfolio holdings.
As for ALTs, $ETC has some solid FA, $BNB, $ZEC (Have been mining for quite a long time), $UBQ and a bunch of ICO tokens, including (OST, POWR, WPR, AIR and SNOV)
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