BTCUSD: Bitcoin Potential for A Positive Weekend Ahead

Bitcoin Saturday Trades
Bitcoin survived through the night by moving into a triangle
formation off the lows before breaking into the weekend with
a break above the uppermost parallel, followed by a sweet
and successful retest of the same line from above once
broken, before finally rallying again off the dynamic and
triggering the first long for a while now.
Thank F for weekends! Bitcoin's saving grace. It's now on
weekend release...
It's since shot up to 7624 high, to just under the 7644 line on
Bitinex and it has to consolidate here a while before the rally
can recommence.
It should find support from the 7524 line and from 7467 at
worst before it starts to rally again. Am happy, so far at least,
to stay long for the ride.
On the downside Bitcoin will have to break back below 7399
line here and hold under it to consider switching back to short
again from this point.
For now though, it's back to buying dips unless 7399 gives way
at any point further out this weekend.
You can find BTC realtime analyse here.It's made by 3 month analyse and was correct till now.
Lol! Wrecked.
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I think we are still bearish

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Welcome to the new world.

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