Manipulated Dump

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To the few followers I have, I have decided to share this with you. Note: I am not a charter, I just have some useful info.

You should be able trust this info because I have called a BTC short twice and to use significant leverage. They have been perfect, even with a margin call within 1%. (See comments in and

Without getting into it, I know a guy who helps manage a medium sized mining operation and he told me some things. While there is a lot more to it than just BTC dumping (stuff has been going on for a long time, including alts coin pumps); I am willing to share some info about the dump that will be useful to you from now:

1. BTC will not go over 15,000 again.
2. BTC will be pushed down to at least $1,000 (it will take a long time, at least a month or two but the initial sell off will be fast)
3. A transfer from BTC to BTG is a signal the dump is to come (compare BTG and BTC charts Dec 20-22 and yesterday - the BTC dump will start today/tomorrow).

Now from my understanding I have been able to notice some patterns. Basically since the downtrend from 17.2 and then again from 15k , they squeeze BTC back up into an uptrend (from a TA standpoint) for a brief period of time so they load up on shorts; this is why you see a lot of TA going long and getting it wrong. They do this so they have buyers to sell/short into.

While I am assuming in this chart there may be one last squeeze (I'm not entirely convinced there will be, it's just pure speculation) to 13,900 - 14,200 (most likely range). You may want to think about going short now, although waiting till at least 13,700 (however by the time i publish this chart it looks like it has already pushed up and gone back under 13,700) with 10x leverage (ensuring liquidation is above $15,000) will yield a 12500% return.

I am sharing this because I am already in position and have been for some time.

Good luck, with a potential of 12500% profit you'd be silly not to place even just a small investment here.
評論: The load up on short range could easily have been $13,500 to $13,800.
評論: It looks like the range is 13,500 to 13,800. Open shorts here - x10 leverage is safe. Stop loss at 14,201.
評論: Not long now!
評論: That was the final squeeze. If you followed my chart and stuck to the facts and the original plan you would have still be sitting pretty (btc not going over 15k and looking like not going over 14.4 - loaded up on shorts between 13.9 - 14.2).

However for those who went off my stupid emotional update, you would have just got screwed. Sorry. Don't be afraid to try again. When the risk/reward is like this, it's worth it.
評論: It was easy for me to make that stupid update because I already have my position. That said, stick to the original plan.

If you have proof you followed my update. PM it to me and I will re-inverse you for your loses (within reason).
評論: It touched 14,250 on Bitfinex. From the update, I said set a stop loss at 14,200. I knew it would get to a round number I just guessed 14,200. So close.
評論: Congratulations to all investors who took my call.

In terms of profit taking, I wasn't playing when I said 1k. If you had the belief to follow my call, at least wait until the 3-5k range (could be months away) before taking profits.

You may however be tempted to close your shorts on the dips and re-open them on the bounces. Unfortunately, I can't give you price ranges to help you with this - I'm not a good enough short term trader (as you witnessed in one of my updates). I would be very careful doing this though as BTC always bounces a little harder than you'd expect.

Be sure to keep any eye on this account and my twitter going forward, I do know of further manipulation and may decide to release information on it once I have my position.

評論: For months, big players have been slowly transferring BTC to their chosen coin - ChainLink. When accumulation finishes (look for a huge pump in ChainLink) BTC will be abandoned.


Update plz ... it seems we are struggling to break 6k now for several months =/
You are one of the that knew all along. Although (as you can see from my comments) I sniffed that this is going to played out quite well (it was clear for me that crypto markets are heavily manipulated), it's even more surprising, how much volume and money was pumped, and essentially fake just to wash trade and pump all the way up. Kudos to bigdogg, and the few I know that shorted 16-18K range.
There are real traders, not amateur crowd of moon kids, that was (and still is mostly) in crypto markets. Hope it will be cleared from it, when bear markets will be even more severe.
well, this aged well.

I highly regret being too inexperienced and too lazy to learn how to short bitcoin when I first read this post. As bigdogg posted, with the risk/reward he offered, you'd be silly to not place a small bet.

Congratulations to anyone who listened!
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mmmp12 Accra
@Accra, It's always a risk. I was almost certain about this outcome, but I couldn't predict quite the entry point, so I can't use any leverage or max 2x, because I would be wiped out (with 10x, you can be as easily wiped with Bitcoin as if with 100x leverage on gold - tested :P).
So yeah, it's not "that easy".

I'm more experianced on financial markets, and still I didn't do it.
Accra mmmp12
@ja.piotr.bor, Yeah, exactly, that's why this post was so valuable -- it gave you a basis for getting your liquidation in trhe right place (above 15k).

But if you waited too long to follow, then you are already stuck in the whale's meat grinder, and subject to all the bounces and dips.

But those who listened immediately were safe, in hindsight.

Not saying it's conventionally "smart" to listen to some anonymous guy's post on the internet, but the risk/reward ratio to this was indeed pretty attractive.
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mmmp12 Accra
@Accra, I played alts, without leverage - and even tho they aren't so liquid - % wise returns were better.
Well played by whales to prop up price and short again.
I must give it to them, most of traders were longing, and I was even thinking, that maybe rebound will be longer, and we can go to 13K.
But as Carlos say "mmm no, no, no".
Looking forward to seeing what the bigdogg serves up next :)
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Hmm, we are approaching 11K, seems that it's quite close now...
This move was quite a surprise, I knew there will be rebound, but it's too heavy already.
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