Bitcoin : possible interesting local bounce

Hi traders,

1 day chart shows a bullish pin bar , which normally acts as a reversal
I am not saying this is the bottom of Btc , but this pin bar , coupled with a bullish divergence and low rsi , and a broken local trend line gives the possibility to see Btc raise to around 8150$
There is still some resistance at 7200, so a break above 7200 with a candle acting as a support above this resistance level would confirm the possibility to see some more bullishness
There was some interesting random pump happening, they might keep on appearing up to some certain levels
This might actually be the double bottom formed with the February lows, even if Btc reached 6400 instead of 5800, a double bottom does not necessary gives some bullish patterns at an exact accurate same value reached
Risky time to short right now


交易結束:目標達成: 7200 broken
交易進行: Because of the yesterday small local pumps that artificially maintained the price of Bitcoin above the 6.500$, the target of 8.150$ is still a possibility.
I am not saying it will happen, but it remains possible.
評論: We briefly reached 8090$
8150 is still a possibility
Giorgioversace xuanhaimmoer
If Btc does not get destroyed by regultions, i say why not
Giorgioversace xuanhaimmoer
thanks for frequent updates :)
+2 回覆
This is what I meant.

Anyways, thank you for sharing and helping. I really appreciate it :).
I don’t think it can go very far.
The chart I’ve published is about LTC, but their behaviour are really similar, and it has broken a support, that now works as a resistance.

Btc is very weak yes it might not reach 8100, we have first to see how it behaves around 7200 if it reaches it.
Yes Ltc is trapped under this resistance so far
Andbcoin Giorgioversace
@Giorgioversace, Yes, and BTC / LTC have similar behaviours, so when analysing one of them, you get the same result for the other one.
Have a nice day and good trading. :)
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I admire your calls, you have real good insight and skills...
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