BTC - Bitcoin chart, if we compare it with a Moon & 3 Dead Cats

If we compare Bitcoin chart with Willy Woo's theory of 3 Dead Cats and A Moon,
then we find a pattern like in this graph.

and it's showing ore bullish pattern ahead after we complete the 3rd dead cat (or 3rd attempt to bounce ).
one of the best strategy to survive from this is just HODL.
If we got moon on 2017 so we must see the bottom of full marcet cycle in 2018 befor we got new moon
You will sell your btc on "depression" stage at 3.5k
dobrovan dobrovan
@dobrovan, my english is sooo good!
itsmela dobrovan
@dobrovan, bdw I bought last at 3000, so I'm still in profit.
& i'll still hodl it till 2020. will sell it before next halving in 2020.

and also I'm mostly in alts right now, & i'm happy trading daily as long as i'm increasing my btc from alts trading.
@btcfilter, alts wiil dump in usd even more than btc... good luck bro
itsmela dobrovan
@dobrovan, you are taking it for short term i guess,
& by alts here i mean ETH, LTC, NEO, XMR, CVC, LSK & DASH only (for long term)
rest all are shitcoins and are meant to be trade on news for very short term(max few days)
@btcfilter, ALL... ALL of your portfolio will dump when BTC going down... 1-2 days and you wil see blood river for all market
dobrovan dobrovan
@dobrovan, look at usd balance now... if you short few hours earlie you can save your money and buy your coins cheaper
itsmela dobrovan
@dobrovan, what matters to me more is increase my BTC from trading alts rn, bcz in long term, BTC will regain it's value for sure
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