$BTC round 2?

The IV% spike of $BTC's gains were more surprising to most investors than what was considerably, a downfall that was imminent (the overnight crypto-experts might argue this idk). Seeing as how both the S&P (as well as $BTC) has lost essentially all % gains from Nov. 2017 - I can't help but look back @ every article I read about the % losses of $BTC day after day, week after week until I didn't read or see anything about it again (although I keep up with the price every day). "No cash flow", "Gold is a more reliable asset", "Doesn't have cash flow like companies in S&P" yada yada. It took $BTC around 3 months to hit it's lowest low since Nov. 2017; It took $DJI & $SPX about a week & a half. I'm gonna leave the 50 & 200 SMA in there as icing on the cake - only because since Feb. 5th (most volatile day in history for U.S markets), it's not surprising to see "asset backed" companies with the same figures. If bears are right - $TSLA goes bankrupt. If bulls are right - $ETH hits $2k by end of year. That's all folks
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