Reading the markets with an accuracy of judgments.

Hi Fellows,

Wyckoff once explained the characteristics you need to have to become a great trader. You must perfect yourself in clear thinking, quickness, and accuracy of judgments. Richard Wyckoff concluded that the losers are principally those who trade on what they hear, as well as those who work on facts or what they think are facts. The most successful class of traders are those who work on Supply and Demand or simply, read the charts.

I could go on for hours and hours explaining trading ranges with volume , but I hope I made it clear and straightforward.

- Abdulla
There is a lot of misinformation in this post. Trading ranges do not form because there is indecision in the market. You have used a lot of Wyckoff terms, but haven't mentioned accumulation or distribution. I find this odd, as it was one of his main tenants for discerning momentum. The indecision you speak of, it actually points of momentum changing in relation to trend. Wyckoff did a lot for modern TA, so I can't fault him there; however things have been improved and simplified if you are in the know.
Past performance is not indicative of future results.
Alternative trading strategy today for experienced traders only
i saw 7kbtcs sell walls being breached, a 500 btc buy order, and many more sell walls appearing around 7k region, but slowly being eaten eventually, is this accumulation phase? the end of down trend?
can anyone track the movement of individual wallets, aka aggregation among price purchase
CRyptoGek djays1.618
@djays1.618, there might be a way, i am currently working on that.
Thanks for the words of wisdom Abdulla. Much appreciated!
hello trader. Have you considered that recorded volume is only of filled retail orders? Also have you considered that the difference of recorded volume has more to do with time of day ( which session) than anything else?
Do you think bulls and bears are institutional traders and there is no record per say of their activity. Only the perception of it as is recorded by the filling of the retail orders. The graph only records the actions of the hogs and sheep.
Like the old American movie "predator" where the predator was invisible and therefore had the upper hand in the game. He simply trapesed around freely slaughtering everyone in plain sight. Once one of the characters figured out his advantage he was able to become victorious over the predator but even so only with great struggle.

Nice posting and thinking by you

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jasonwhite JamesPowell
@JamesPowell, not sure whats your point with that post. Also, why would the volume matter at what time of the day? Bots rule the market & they work 24/7..
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JamesPowell jasonwhite
@jasonwhite, my post is not so much technical than just asking the author his thought process. Regarding volume and time of day, volume is much greater during some trading sessions and naturally lighter in others. It is also as I suggest simply a record of filled retail traders orders. Which in this case the author being a S/D trader would likely understand my question.

Regarding bots, even bots have to follow the natural auction process of any market and probably not relevant, particularly when it comes to S/D based trading as S/D theory regards largely only the unfilled orders of institutions.

To circle back then, a Supply level touched In a "low volume " session could still have merit in another session. Compared to a supply level touched during the london/ny session would likely no longer be considered a viable level.

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