Weekly Review of top 10 Cryptocurrencies 1.01.18 - 7.01.18

It’s Monday, which means it’s the time for the #WeeklyReviewofCryptocurrencies

During the first week of the 2018, the main cryptocurrencies significantly increased in price.

Bitcoin’s price increased, however its share in total cryptocurrencies’ capitalization fell to 34%
It seems that significant money of the investors flowed into the grown Ethereum , Ripple and NEM
Investors are buying more and more different cryptocoins. The number of “billionaire-coins” has already increased to 43 (out of a total of 1384).
And the total capitalization of the market surpassed $ 800 billion

Bitcoin increased by 18% from $ 13,773 to $ 16,215, also visiting the $ 17250 mark.
On the weekly chart, the rate, pushing away from the fast moving average, recovered the half of the bearish takeover which occured at the end of last year.
On the daily chart , the indicator "Crossing moving averages" today will give a buy signal if the price is kept above $ 15,000.
This technical picture so far confirms the reversal of the trend from dizzying growth to a fall or at least to a flat.
Taking into account the fact that the customers managed to return a significant part of the losses of the previous week, it is more likely that the flat trend is in the range of 11000-17000

Recommendation: Closing long positions on the rises of the rate (15000 and above). Aggressive traders can start the short game. However, you should keep in mind, that even with a general scenario of a reversal of the growing trend, it is quite possible that the rate might re-test the maximum at $ 19,000

Ethereum soared up by 51% from $ 737 to $ 1116, having reached the absolute maximum and recovered the lost 2nd place in terms of capitalization among the cryptocurrencies. At the moment, Ethereum weighs $ 118 billion.

Closing near the maximums of the previous week, Ethereum confirmed the strength of buyers at current price levels.
Keep. Buy on rollbacks to $ 900

Ripple (XRPUSD) increased by 40% during the week: from $ 1.96 to $ 2.75, reaching a maximum of $ 3.53 and claiming the 2nd place among cryptocurrencies, but just for a while.

Incredible growth continues after doubling in price over the past week. In just a month, Ripple has risen in price by 10 times!
Now its capitalization is about $ 100 billion
Sell. Buy again from $ 1.5

BCHUSD for the week grew by 7% from $ 2358 to $ 2526

Consolidation on an Increasing Trend

Litecoin increased by 20% during the week: from $ 225 to $ 271,the maximum being at $ 320, the minimum at $ 205

Consolidation continues and is close to completion.

DASH grew by 15% from $ 1007 to $ 1157, reaching $ 1322

flat correction on a growing trend

NEM soared by 80% during the week: from $ 1 to $ 1.80, also reaching $ 2.15

Increasing growth. After a month and a half it became 8-10 times heavier
Keep. Buy about $ 1.5

Monero grew by 21% from $ 330 to $ 400

Resumption of growth

NEO grew by 33% from $ 75 to $ 101 reaching $ 130

Continuation of growth and new maximums

IOTA grew by 17% from $ 3.5 to $ 4.08

Consolidation on a growing Trend

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