BTCUSD:Thats a CYPHER, so far we can see.


Btcusd is starting from C ,towarding to D , probably.
Thats a CYPHER , so far we can see.
Of course, that BTC could up tp last hign , 19581 round.

Good luck,
Less is more!
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Hi Vera :) can you update your analysis please?
a new entry on btc
Hello Vera,
I am new to trading and a bit confused on when is a good entry for BTC.
at which price you advise to buy? do you expect a price correction now?
Thank you
@Danielkh, Support zones are usually the zones where people decide to buy to make a reversal in price. That doesn't necessarily mean that the price will turn immediately back up or down, so be careful. If the coin finds big support at the support zone (that means a lot of people decide to buy it) then it might slowly go back up and go to the resistance line. It is then up to the people to either buy more and 'break' down the resistance to go further up OR it could stop at the resistance and then (when it doesn't find enough support) it will fall down again a bit.

In the chart you can see that 12.8k is support zone and 16.8k is resistance, it is up to you what choice you are going to make :). Either wait or buy now and HODL. Most likely I would say in this volatile market, if you want to trade a lot then I would say wait a bit and look for better entries but if you want to invest in it and basically don't want to look at it for (let's say) a year, just buy it now and don't check the prices :D
Danielkh Shockinalive
@Shockinalive, Thank you so much for the details and feedback
But this whould be the bearish cyper wh8ch has to drop around fib 0.5 then 0.618.
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FUNTRADER-Vera emregungor85
@emregungor85, correct, this is a bearish cypher, and could b a chance to short it again.
Or use it to make a trading target.
simple and clear analysis! thanks for update
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@Leon_Jiang, thank you ,
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Agreed, going to 14,900 tonight.
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