BTC buy, sell and short zones.

I went long with an average of 5630
This is based on a combination of Wyckoff, Eliot wave and Keynesian Beauty contest.

Green= Buy zone

Red = Sell zone

White = Short zone
評論: Very strange, everything was about to explode with the biggest of all bear traps behind it. Next thing I know I see someone selling 200 btc every second @ finex and the buy book looks uhm.. empty. I sold half my hand, careful.
交易進行: Relonged whatever I sold in panic as soon as JPY broke out.
評論: Hammer on Gdax's EMA12, # buy the dip
評論: Little throwback at last night's 6k
評論: Finex is extremely bearish. Scaling out starting from 6390
交易結束:目標達成: Beautiful, what a day in crypto space.

Sadly it never arrived in my short zone as Bitfinex was being spoofed and botted down by arguably Roger. Gdax and multiple other exchanges did reach the short zone so I hope those work out for some.

Great trade, time for winter sleeps.

- Rich out
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