Nope. Terrible call, just like your telegram channel in which you've scammed users.
good job
Great historic perspective, I especially like Feb. 11 bitcoin emotion chart :).
I sure think this was great work. Great job. I'd like to see the Accumulation vs Distribution cycles in relation to these market events. You do a great job looking at relative strength, counting waves with EW, and approaching the different timescales with emotion on the sidelines. Its great work, well organized -- I very much like what you've got going here.

Great post. I was looking the other day exactly at same patterns, they all happened before on smaller scale, and some time in a future, this "huge" correction will be just another blip on a chart ;)
Well, this is what I needed to pull the trigger on another BUY!! Let's all hope you're right.
Feel good factor 10
i'm agree with you atleast

+2 回覆
Very accurate analys ... All the best... Peace ...
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