BTC from now until Early June

I am no TA by any means but I do my homework (hours of research daily) and I have been correct about the general action the market would take since I get back in to the game in early December. I sold at $19,200, I bought it all back after the major correction then sold it again right away and then bought back at $9000 and have held since (held alt coins that I believe will 100-1000x my money) can’t continue to trade dips and peaks if your going for the big win. Otherwise your coin will likely take off when you are not holding it.

Anyhow it’s my belief that the market will goto $10,000 - $12,000 by mid May and then make its way down to $6000 for a while before slowlynstarting it’s big long term rally. That’s not to say that prices couldn’t drop down to $7000 right now, I’ll let the TAs worry about the short term, I’m just saying where I think it will go by mid May and then end of June.

Why would you give any value to my prediction when I gave you only a story that you do or don’t believe about my predictions in the past? You shouldn’t at all, I’m really only posting this for historical reference. It’s the next time that you might want to take my prediction into consideration.
評論: My credibility is moving upwards. Plenty of people think I’m crazy but they thought I was crazy when I cashed out in January also so that’s ok. I don’t know how it is that so many people are still posting daily about how prices are going to drop. My guess is they must figure they will be right sooner or later.

So many conspiracy theories about the whales too, makes me chuckle. Most everyone’s conspiracy theories I read contradict themselves. Almost all,of,them about the whales controlling the market and sucking it dry and blah blah blah. But at the same time the same people talking about how the whales have caused the endless sideways trading with no action. You people realize those 2 are complete contradictions right?

I promise you that the so called whales are smarter than you. Since you say they will do this then that and then this which will destroy the market it means you have no clue what your talking about. Because if you know those things would destroy the market then so do they and let me assure you that if they are making the killing off the market that you claim then they certainly wouldn’t go around killing their gold mine.

Their are no great whales controlling the market. The market went up for good reasons and the market went down for good reasons. Let’s see 1.) worse and worse transfer fees and times 2.) an attack by almost every government on Cryptocurrency at the beggining of the year. 3.) the market went up to far to fast thus causing very easy panic to get out with the huge profits when all this was happening.

Since that time we have mostly figured out the governments stands on Cryptocurrency and blockchain. Segwit was implemented which greatly reduced fees and times, along with lightning starting up. The market has had plenty of time to heal and grow more rationally.

The prices are going up for a reason right now. That reason is the consensus summit. The summit will bring new money and investors and that is why the market is going up. In anticipation of the new money raising prices even more. It is also the reason that I said the prices are very likely going to start going back down from end of May until mid June. People are going to sell their gains, which could very well trigger an avalanche of “oh no here we go again” especially with all the conspiracy theorists out their. You watch the market drop 50 points and instantly you see 100 new prediction updates saying “see here it comes”. Like the 200 point jump 5 minutes before that had no bearing on that 50 point drop.

Prices are going up and that’s a fact. I had been saying for a long time Prices will go up starting in April some time. As soon as alts all started going up for 2days while btc sat still I told all my friends “it is time”. Most laughed at me. Don’t know how these signs are not clear to others. Then boom btc jumped and all I’ve heard since is hourly predictions of the fall.... alts are still rising and people are predicting the fall of BTC is this real life?

Btc goes sideways 2days and all you hear about is the bulls lost their momentum prices will drop any hour.... half these TA’s don’t even know what a bitcoin is lol. Their is very very little,information to be gained by staring at a chart. It’s a market of technology that is rapidly changing and what day traders are doing in the mean time has absolutely no bearing on anything.

I look at TA predictions of people that are in the top 5 for the week and just laugh most the time. Bear flag, prices are going to drop on xxx coin. Meanwhile I’m sitting in discord and reading certain articles about how xxx coin is about to release their platform or update, etc. And laughing at the guy that is saying he is going to short the bear flag lol.
評論: You see the real community that has been around for more than a year are the ones that control the market, not mythical whales. These mythical whale investors don’t own a fraction of the coins that are over a year old. Go look at the top 100 list. Most those lists (especially top 10) have been the same people since 2014. Day traders trade on “signals” that don’t exist. Listening to a TA is a lot like reading your horoscope. You can trade based on flags all day. You can say your mythical whales are killing the market as well. But when good things happen, moons happen regardless of what your flags tell you.

If prices do fall from May to June like I’m predicting I assure you they won’t be down lol gn this time. Their are a multitude of amazing platform milestones coming up this Summer and Fall. Things are only looking up.

P.s. don’t get me wrong I like ve the TAs and investors getting in the market they are the ones I make all my money off. Before they came around I could of never dreamed of watching a coin like EOS just drop day after day until I was able to buy it .00005 btc. 10,000 coins for .5 btc that cost $6000 = $3000 cost for 10,000 btc each by the end of the year. Bought 10 million CSC at .00000008 btc each. VEN low as could be, ACT at .000022 each, Along with NXS and DBC.

I said way more than I planned but that’s only because only a handful,of people will read it so I figure the handful that read it deserve all the info. So here’s is the golden pearl for the few that read this far....

I read the rules and apparently can’t post what I was going to but if you want to know what coin the investors are currently selling that will go up a lot then send me a PM. I’ll give you the basic info and why it’s gonna go up a ton and you decide from their.
評論: Just a quick FYI. I had just read a bunch of horrible predictions from some TA’s when I made my last updates. Signals and TA’s are very useful in the Cryptocurrency market 70-80% of days in the year. It just drives me a little bonkers during the times that watching the charts is absolutely useless and seeing predictions about bear flags and their needing to be a correction. No correction is needed to keep the market going up when their is a reason for the upward motion.

Again this is all,info. That I really don’t want spread overall. But I know only a max of 10 people will ever read this update of my first ever idea post and those that did get to know exactly what is going on. My future posts including the one that is going to happen right now will never give away this info. Or even hint that it exists in my first idea. But for you 10 or so people I will tell you why my prediction is moving. I originally predicted $10-$12k by mid May but things have progressed much quicker then I thought it would. We are already at $9000 btc and $400 bio market cap. And consensus is not until May 13th. I now am thinking prices will probably be $10-$12k by May 7th. The last week prices will likely rise a lot more and then during the 3 day summit prices could go insane with the new money + FOMO. I actually think that prices could go high enough to prevent the huge dip I expected but at the same time the huge dip could be even worse then I first expected. People are scared after what happened in Jan-Feb so even mild sell offs for profits could spark a quick mass plummet. Just depends how it goes. If some whale drops a huge load right off the top things could go bad quickly but if the sells are staggered then their would likely be new money buying up the people that are selling for their profits. Anyhow their is no way to predict what the price is going to got in May but $20,000 may be in store for BTC in May.
評論: As my very few followers can see, everything has happened exactly as I predicted. So lets just hope Im right about the short duration of this crumby market.
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