Bitcoin #BTCUSD - growth still possible, key levels ahead

There is still a chance for another upward wave as long as the level of $7,700 is not clearly violated, because the ABC zig-zag correction looks now completed. The key level for the upside is still seen at $8,271, so a bullish breakout above this level is required to confirm the bottom is in place. Breakout above this level will open the road towards the next technical resistance at the level of $9,187.
On the other hand, a failure to rally here will likely lead to more decreases towards the technical support at the level of $7,230. Any breakout below this level will invalidate the impulsive scenario.
評論: So far a failure to break out above the $8,265 level.
This is not the way I think.
according to my JOES-fractal we are not getting bullish. A small bull-trap coming this days.
After that down to 4K-5k region!
Check it out!
Delusions. We're going down.
XLukaz samiswilf
@samiswilf, Why? We are going up :) We are in uptrend from 6k dip in my opinion.

Thanks.. great chart, just curious to know the names of the two indicators you use? Thanks again... :)
Dlaczego sprzedaz kilku tysiecy BTC powoduje duze spadki? Dlaczego 7k BTC zasilajace konto jednego z uzutkownikow Bittrex powoduje strach na calym ogromnym rynku? Dlaczego kilka tysiecy z 16 milionow powoduje takie spadki?
Before that wait for re-test of around 6k, hold on..

Yiannis1110 lemosedmirf
@lemosedmirf, Never seen a 100% accurate forecast before him! This guy is a god!
Hey Sebastian. Thank you for update.

Is it more likely that we will go more to 1 000$ for btc or 20 000$? I mean for example at the end of this year. Which scenario sounds more real for you?
(I understand everything is possible with BTC, just wonder what do you think)

Cheers and keep it up !
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@Sanely, As long as the level of $5,900 is not clearly violated, there is still a room for growth towards $20k.
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mr. seliga, why telegram channel is not in english?
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