BTC Fib Support and Resistance zones: Updated May 26th

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These bands are derived from my analysis of the Fibs.
I use both Retracement values as well as Extension values.
Lately the Extensions are proving more accurate.
評論: Fib Resonance Bands doing their thing
評論: Trying to break out of the zone:
評論: Approaching the next support zone, the crucial 7k
評論: Might that have been the bottom?
I am thinking not. I think that 5.618 needs a good hug, and then a kiss of the 6.618 before the real bottom reveals itself.
評論: The Fib Bands are holding price at each line exactly still.
I am now recalculating zones (not much changed in this range but others)
評論: BTC still paying attention to these fib lines
評論: Amazing action around the Fib zones
評論: Another Fib zone doing its job PERFECTLY
評論: Update: the latest Fibs have shown me a new zone.
(of course price is already there, but that is not how they were drawn, see green fibs to left)
the Golden Ratio is my Religion.
the Trading View is my Nation.
the Moderator Tag is my Flag.
Great job with your charting. This trended well. I am not sure exactly how you made these bands, but I will continue to follow you so that I can learn more. Thanks! BTW, love the signature and MB vatar. I drive a 2105 Wiestec Tuned MB E63 SAMG. Smiles for miles. So much fun.
EuroMotif simple1ife
@simple1ife, Hi, thanks for your kind words. And a Weistec e63? NICE!
As for my zones, they are derived from Fibs, retracements and extensions, and where several important ones line up, it makes a zone for me.
I am thoroughly convinced that Fib ratios are the underlying structure of the universe, and human brains are bound by them as well.
Check some of my published ideas, and especially these two:

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