Bitcoin is a bullish behemoth

targeting 13000+ end of April
targetting 14500 end of May

This is my bullish scenario. I know these are pretty outlandish claims but I've been charting Bitcoin well these past few months due to
1) creating a channel which totally disregards December/January's peak
2) noticing hours in the day where there are most price action
3) fundamental analysis
4) looking at historical corrections/crashes and their recoveries
so I feel pretty confident in finally publicly publishing the direction I see bitcoin going

Bitcoin has been in turmoil since the day of its birth; it has endured countless FUD whether it be: bans, hacks, regulations, etc. yet it rose from the dust; time and time again, each time its foundation became stronger and its ceiling became higher. Bitcoin and the crypto market is extremely volatile. % gained/loss is much higher rotating between bear and bull market cycles. That's why I believe a 100+% gain within the next two months is not ridiculous, as bitcoin has done so time and time again in the past.

I've been telling my friends that 6k in February is the lowest we'll go this year numerous times. and here I am validating that sentiment.

What we are looking at here:
1) red cross show moment of fomo and hype and I remove it entirely from the equation in my chart
2) yellow lines show a healthy channel in which Bitcoin has been obeying
3) white boxes show comparisons between July 2017 - Nov 2017 and February 2018 - May 2018
4) teal show an Adam and Eve formation with resistance at 11800 and support at 6000
5) indicators from two different time periods align revealing a similar recovery is underway

Technology is the most rapid moving facet that this generation has to offer. And Bitcoin plays a major role to it all. Bitcoin will go wild, and every one who says otherwise is either a fool or a liar.

Any feedback is appreciated,
Good luck all
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