Bitcoin - The last dip to the bottom

Hi guys , counting BTCUSD i saw this downtrend coming , its just an idea which looks like will happen based on the momentum lost on the current uptrend.
It's just an idea of how price will behave therefore not recommended to trade or follow my view.

Bulls locked in the cage!

Bulls took the price higher which created an ending diagonal , the bearish impulse has started , now appears to be a leading diagonal on minute wave 2 which usually is followed by a deep pullback then the bearish trend continues

This is the scenario i have in my mind right now... waiting for further developments to do a proper count.

An aggresive retest of the high has taken place , personally i see it as a good spot to short it , but you decide guys.

Looks like it's a B wave , with fibos suggesting to reach the high of 6 March , i wouldnt be suprised to see it reach even higher so i'll close this idea for a while.

The only scenario that comes into my mind is this
We got 1 more minor impulsive wave.
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