Did you buy Dipcoin?

After low volume and low volatility for such a long period of time, this volume can only mean one thing.
This dip will be short lived. It's 3:48 am on this side of the world but I am happy that I was awake and ready.

I am now a happy buyer, owner, and user of Bitcoin .

Did you buy Bitcoin?

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we can see bounce to 7k . on weekly chart it shows mixed signals, mainly bearish and no bullish. it can go to 4k in next 3-5 months accordingly. The worst case scenario if it will go sideways for few weeks
These comment's are what I live for...
No TA here at all, just a chart with facts. There is absolutely no bull volume on any time frames
Eh. This happened on June 10th. You can even see it on your chart. Small bounce then right back down...
Wait for 6000
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