BTCUSD : 2H >>> my first post on BTC

hello guys and girls .hope u all enjoy your day/night
as u see this is my first analysis on btc ( BTCUSD )then lets hope it comes true .
in past few days we have seen a hopeful move to upside in market after a long time under the big bear .
we almost see the same move in all the altcoins that are leading by BTC .
now lets see whats going on in leader chart .
as u can see in my chart we are forming a flag after bull move and we have ABCDE wave inside it (black trend lines ) also rsi in middle -these are good sign of a continuation to upside ....but
but we have some mixed signals here there is a very obvious divergence in macd .also bear cross in macd (how ever gap isnt so big)
and most important we have a strong resistance around 360 ( blue line )
so if ur going to trade watch the breakout in our case and as i see both side have theyre own chance.

評論: ok guys as u see breakout happend in downside .now there is 2 scenario

1 : we will see a pull back from the support around the red line to form our new divergent triangle ( in black lines)

2 : if we say the wave 5 just ended we should see a correction .a push back to top of our chanel ( in red dots ) that there is overlap with 50-61/8 of fibo ( green triangle )
評論: such a great analysis with 51 view :|
soo many ppl could profit from this
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