Next correction is imminent.

Dear Friends, I feel the market is heading for a the next correction, BTC may drop to $ 4600 levels or even below. Please advise of your valuable opinions. I am just a beginner and learning the market. Thank you.

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell. Please analyze yourself and decide.
評論: What I used above is a one month chart to find the market top and bottom.
Hope things are more evident now.
This is one ugly chart. You can't see anything from it.
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@hubavka, OK. Please see the 0.216 Fibonacci levels.
hubavka raaajesh
@raaajesh, The Fib level is 0.236, not 0.216. OK I will stop giving you hard time if you are new. Try to make your charts clean so people can see what you are trying to communicate. Also add more information. By the way BTC is not going bellow $5k in my opinion.
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@hubavka, Criticisms are always welcome, which I believe that I will grow a lot. Hence you may give me hard time.:D
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@hubavka, Thank you, Soon you will realize, though the chart looked ugly, my prediction was right.
@hubavka, I used the 1 month chart just to get the top and bottom levels.
@hubavka, What is your view? Will it go as I predicted?
hubavka raaajesh
@raaajesh, It's possible
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