Bitcoin Consolidating until $13k, then back to $25k Jan-20-2018

Just wanted to publish this idea because it appears to be coming together.

Short Bitcoin until $13k, then buy cheap Bitcoin and double your money by January 20th 2018.

This rally will likely continue up to $36,000, so it's likely that by mid Feb-2018 bitcoin prices will be up nearly 300% from the $13k new bottom after consolidation.

In the mean time, alts are a great choice. Alt's I'm watching closely are XVG (Verge), XRP (Ripple), SC (Siacoin), TRX (Tron) and monitoring the progress/fail of BCC/BCH ( Bitcoin Cash ).

Verge has increased twice a full 300% for over 700% total gains in the last 7 days or so.

Ripple is primed and ready for launch as soon as Coinbase releases that they are accepting Ripple.

Siacoin is maintaining a steady 50% daily growth, even with the constant variation in other markets.

Tron is having some great days as well, probably better that Siacoin, but less steady and more waves.

BCC/BCH is anyone's guess. If the train takes off, I'll be stuck at the station trying to buy a ticket. But it's possible it could continue to make an effort to replace BTC . The safest way for that to happen, would be for those who are investing in and buying up BCC , to continue to do so, until the price is nearly equal with Bitcoin . At that point, BCC may have a chance of overtaking BTC (once they are both around the $25k mark).

Buy on the rumor, sell on the news.

2017 was a great year for crypto. Don't miss out this year. Sell everything you have, including your couches, chairs and kitchen table and buy some crypto, but don't risk anything you can't afford to lose or replace (don't sell your dog).
評論: If you've been lucky and moved your BTC into XRP for the last 24-48 hours, you'll have had some positive growth while Bitcoin slumped.

Consolidation is nearly complete. This is a buy signal for Bitcoin, buy just before the bounce or just after.

This is a good time to diversify your XRP profits into some BTC and be ready to watch BTC rise. XRP may start to slow for a bit, as many users move from XRP to BTC, but BTC will start to climb and XRP will continue to climb over the next few days and this will result in FOMO for both XRP and BTC, so be ready for the rallies!
評論: Bounce!
評論: 61% Fib line has been touched. This is the end of the movement. If we fall any more than this, it will be a trend reversal and likely time to start shorting. I'm seriously contemplating putting more cash in today.

評論: Inverted H&S forming, Rally imminent to $22k, then retracement to $20k for a bounce and FOMO rally for end of year to complete the $25k target on time.

評論: My projection for the Inverse H&S neckline was off just a little bit, looks like we're getting ready to form the second shoulder today and this could start our rally after the shoulder completes.

I believe the rally will complete a little shy of my original numbers, target now $21,000. If this happens on Christmas day, it's possible that we'll see FOMO feed it a bit more, maybe up to $22-23k, but that's questionable.

評論: Not easy to see it here, but the second shoulder has begun it's bounce to complete the formation. This shoulder has to be smaller than the prior shoulder before the head for the inverse H&S to signal the upcoming rally. Since the previous shoulder was very small, this one is going to be just slightly smaller.

My scratch drawing was off on the timeline a bit, more for representative purposes. I expect this rally to begin in the next few hours.

XVG and XRP will also rally along with BTC. XVG I'm counting on 245% tonight so I've moved my BTC over and split it between XVG, XRP and SC (Sia Coin). BTC will likely rally 50% to $21,000. I'd rather take the risk on 245% gains in the same time frame and if things don't work out as planned, I can quickly move other holds over to BTC to minimize the bleeding with 10-20% losses instead of 20-50% losses on alt coins.

評論: Zoomed in on second shoulder, showing it's on the way back up. Once it completes, expect the rallies to begin.

評論: It wasn't ready. Figures..

Wait for it?

評論: Ok I said wait for it. Now I think the shoulder is going to complete. Give it an hour or two or 3 for shoulder completion. Rally will begin shortly after that.

評論: Appears the shoulder is nearly complete. Be ready for the rally. I wasn't sure it would come through, but looks to be near now.

評論: Another update. The inverse H&S is nearly completed, expect within the next hour or so. Rally should begin Christmas Morning, 5am EST.
This inverse H&S is also forming a bullish pennant, which shows that our last rally from $5500 is about to push +237% from the current level, up to $46k by Jan-15-2018. See the related idea below this image.

評論: And it begins.. Bring on $46k! Keep an eye on the B2X fork on Dec 28th as well.
評論: I started thinking this wasn't going to happen last night and this morning, then I came to the realization that after an inverse H&S we often get a throwback before the rally begins.

Here's the throwback:

See here for an explanation:

Target still $21k, followed by $25k then $46k by Jan-15th-2018
評論: Throwback bounce from the inverse H&S hasn't started yet, but there is a group of traders who are planning a BTC pump on New Years Eve and it sounds like they have quite the large following of people who will join in. I heard another group discussing pumps that would have started last night (may be seeing part of it in the chart).

Once these pumps start, XRP and SC will do well. XVG may follow, but it's been quite sideways for the last week, possibly due to the twitter hoax.

I have just looked through your past analysis and I am AMAZED bro you are sooo acurate in your analysis!!! Your on my TOP NR1 follow list
@Tin.Foil hi myyyyy friend /what happend whit xvg ????
Tin.Foil mors2024
@mors2024, XVG has been sideways and basically tumbling between my positions (no positive, slightly negative). It's stale over the Christmas holiday. May not be recovering well from the twitter Hoax the other day. I think it could pull out and rise again, but right how I'm putting most of my funds into XRP (Ripple), which is making some good gains. We're halfway to $3 today and this rally will probably continue to $4-5 and maybe as high as $10 early in the new year if Coinbase adds Ripple.

BTC pumps will be working over the next few days (pump groups are working on this actively). Expect a big push on new years eve, specifically on the Binance exchange where the pumpers are going to be working the market.
mors2024 Tin.Foil
@Tin.Foil, tnx dude
Your predictions and explanations are very appreciated by me. I’m learning so much from you.
+1 回覆
@Tin.Foil thanks for your posts and updates. How are you feeling about XVG and XRP? Are they still bullish and set for the aforementioned targets?
What do you expect the target limit to be with Ripple and Verge? (general area)
Tin.Foil IEatCrayonz
@IEatCrayonz, See above in my related ideas.

Ripple 325% to $2.85 target and then a repeat of the rally to push to $4.20 around the New Year.

Verge 245% to $0.529 by Christmas morning.
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IEatCrayonz Tin.Foil
@Tin.Foil, Thank you! Right after I asked I checked and saw that.

Thank you for your projections and sharing with all!
Another SC fan huh? Admittedly, I came here to shit talk because I though you were calling a H&S top. Obviously I was wrong, and I learned that you are not only good with TA but have excellent taste in moonmissions as well. See you on the moon in about 13 hours :D
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