BTC is gonna hit serious resistance in a few days. it will be at the crossing of the major bearish trend line and the previous resistance level at the end of January. RSI also indicates overbought soon so possible retracement of the first completed bullish wave.

Short: 12030 dollar
Long: around 9000 dollar (could go further down tho, so don't buy before
評論: A bit earlier then expected, but BTC dropped significantly. Possibly one more time up as bull trap to drop and complete he correction of the first bull wave
評論: Dont forget, when other people sell, we buy! Don't be to hasty tho, this might be a correction stronger as expected so wait for the right indicators. I'll keep you posted.
評論: BTC tested the bearish trend line again last night, will it be able to push through or will it fall back in the C wave that I expected? There is not alot of volume coming in which is in favor of the bears.
評論: A bit later than expected due to the fifth wave which still had to come, but I expect BTC to retrace and correct from the firs bull wave until

First big support level; 10340
Major second big support: 9360
Third support; 8950
評論: And BTC USD broke the bearish flag in a bearish way. Expect further drop atleast until 8000


miss the train ?
kerstjens RickyParker
@RickyParker, As you can see I'm mid/long term bullish on bitcoin. However, as you can see from the indicators, resistance lines and elliot waves, bitcoin is likely to see a short lived correction of the first (bigger scale) bullish wave. This is in no means a bearish post, just healthy correction.
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