BTCUSD at $10k? Why not

Playing with the chart, that even don't look impossible :)
For all those who found my idea crazy, let's just hit the button play :)
The way i look at it and lets say a country excepted it for big trade then there is the answer
I agree!
I didn't say we are going there now or even soon ;) Anyway remember we are already at 4k and you would not believe it 1 year ago
You realize it would require $100-200 BILLION USD more to get Bitcoin that high. There isn't even enough free liquid cash or available credit in China to push it there.
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SerOs mark.obradley
@mark.obradley, no, you dont need 100-200 billion, it doesnt work that way! you only need most people to hold and $100-200 million to pump it x2 or even x3
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@SerOs, yep and to do that you need 200 BILLION USD.... so dont be fullish...
@tereskapl, That's wrong, because only a small fraction of coins are available on the exchanges. The concept of market cap doesn't work like this in crypto. Therefore, much less money is required to pump the price to these levels.
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