BTCUSD, Everyone read this until the end. Please

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Solution and answer to your puzzle.

I hope everyone of you will agree with this idea, because I still believe in people.

I loved the idea of decentralized cryptocurrency, payment without the middle man (banks), privacy, security and so on. Everything that has value in money is taxed, the only thing that isn't taxed is your dreams.

Ok so we have cryptocurrencies like lots of them with different purpose, software code whasotever. Some of the altcoins are trying to act as fake big companies or commodities , for example Lunyr lun (fake flipboard), DGD (fake gold ), gram (fake whatsapp it was planned at least) and so on. You can just see how fake all the coins are, they even fake themselves ADA-Tron, XVG-XEM and so on the list is just never-ending story to drain your pride and ideas. Bitcoin will hit 100 000 dollars ok you will be rich and happy and .... Really you will be rich and happy ?

Money is just the instrument to make dream come true, to build new cars, new roads, travel to Mars, whatever you have in your imagination.

The people who think that money is a purpose in life, they have to be very sad people without any dreams.

Great people who had dreams like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk or even let's say he was real Jesus, they haven't ever thought to make their pocket full.

They had big idea to change the world to make something new and during this process for example Elon Musk (financial institutions would use word "lost" as most of you) put money to work (and during this process his account sometimes was empty)- to make their dreams come true and people who succeed (POOR, GREEDY UNSUCCESSFUL people would use words - get rich, made their pockets full and even the worst one "stole") to make their IDEA grow.

And believe me on the beginning they were just loosing money, and worked HARD to make YOUR dreams, your future, your children's smiling face even brighter !!

What bitcoins changed ? Who really earned on them ? Who is using them as a payment method (that's their real purpose, not to get RICH) did they fly to the moon ? Do you really believe that banks will let it happen.

The answer is it doesn't really matter.

Bitcoins , altcoins, has to unify and evolve in ONE unique updated like software code. Then and only then they will be store of value.

Let's say I want something to be invaluable and broken idea.

Let's say I am the biggest bank in the word, and I have half of the resources from all over the word and I don't like the idea of bitcoins at all.

First I would invent bunch of copy-ideas with the same purpose.

Then I would pump bitcoin to really like really unimaginable on the beginning value let's say 20 000 dollars

Then I would make bunch of FOMO people loose their houses and their savings.

Now ! No ! it's going to fast let's give people some hope, let them buy more or sell less.

Wait bitcoins costs 2000 now, let's think it\s already in the system, already in the market, let's pump in one week to 10000, now people will start buying lot's of them and they will see millions in their pockets.

Let's destroy people's dreams. Wait what I have said ? Dreams ??? Really, new payment method is YOUR DREAM.

There are so many great ideas great visionaries and...

from the beginning new payment method was your dream........ no comment


Kind Regards

Tomasz Olech
I'm so confused... lol
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