BTC fractals from March 21, short-term golden cross -> up & down

Noticed a similar pattern from March 18-21.

We're forming an ascending triangle that will likely breakout w/ targets of 8.6k ~ 9k.

We also have a temporary "golden cross" on 2h. If we follow the bull "experts" opinion, which is that "death cross is the most bullish pattern", "golden cross" should be the most bearish pattern . When everyone sees it, the whales will possibly dump the market.

The most likely scenario will be:

Whales will pump at around 12 pm UTC today (Sunday). This will be followed up on Tuesday & then Wednesday dump back to reality.

This is another interpretation of my previous post:

評論: 3h timeframe vol bearish divergence

some action today. just don't know whether it's up or down
評論: I suspect this little pump will play out the same way as the pump from last week:

評論: bearish divergence in vol & momentum

in theory should go down, but it's an unregulated casino, so depends on the house

評論: Didn't expect crash so soon. Didn't even touch 50d

Could be double top (another bounce).
評論: If the fractals have any value, there may be an attempt that leads to double top soon
評論: One little thought: what if verge exits?

That'll send the market way down.
i see the same mate
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