BTC 24 Feb 2018 potential movements

It appears to me that we have not quite completed wave 2. Fib retracement of wave 1 has so far found support at the .382 levels, but we should expect to break that level upon a bounce from previous resistance.

That being said, we should consider all options. What if we are done with wave 2? Moving upward past 11,000 levels could confirm the start of wave 3.

Here's a wider view of potential movements.

Typical disclaimers:
Charts are NOT financial advice. These are only the opinions of the author.
Note that I like clean charts so indicators are turned off on all published posts and I remove fibs and other tools.
Join us!
Thanks for sharing.
Agree... Got the same outcome for wave 2.
SeanNance EspressoDopio
@EspressoDopio, it may have truncated wave B. Not sure just yet. A truncated wave B could send wave C pretty deep.
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