[Tj] the month of CONSENSUS coming soon!

Hi everyone. It's Tj again!

It seems like the bull market is about to conclude soon enough.

Today I want to elaborate on how Consensus affected the Crypto-Market in the past couple of years.

Up there, you are looking at weekly candle chart.

This year, there are going to be 250+ speakers and more than 4,000 + blockchain enthusiasts are gathering for this awesome event.

Sadly (?) or Happily (!), I won't be able to make it to this year's consensus. I'm having my first son that same week! :)

going back to the chart. I have set up the Fibonacci time zone from the Mt Gox recession and all the previous Consensuses starting 2015.

Events like Consensus are always good news!!

The event itself is getting bigger and bigger each year; it is growing exponentially. (so will Crypto!)

After the Consensuses there were bull rallies that lasted about 4 weeks each time.

above is the consensus '17 and '18 respectively.

After reaching the 7th time zone, we could expect a major reversal, which could save our asses from this long recession. (at least it feels like forever).

Fantastially, the 7th zone falls right before the Consensus 2018!

we can actually expecttttttt something now!!!!!!

Consensus 2018. I am Sooooo waiting for you and so should you!

If you agree and support my idea Please like and follow !!! & comment down below "CONSENSUS 2018!!! YAY!!"

I'm open to connect!!
that's good idea!
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TjPark RookieRookie
@RookieRookie, thanks brotha ! spread the word!
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