Market Review 04/04 : BTCUSD, SPX, HSI, AUDNZD

Hope this idea will inspire some of you !
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Indicators used in this forecast are PRO Sinewave BETA & PRO Momentum.
You can check my indicators via my TradingView's Profile : @PRO_Indicators

If you want to learn more about the basic rules to trade with my indicators here's the educational video link :

取消訂單: Pretty rapid invalidation on the BTC today ! Really a crazy market. I'll stay out of this for a little while. Not having a decent risk-reward to short.
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What exchange do you use to trade in stock market (SPX, DJ, etc)??
Do you think its possible we are in an ending 5th wave diagonal based on EW? This is what I'm seeing as a possibility, what do you think?

man you're so bullish I prefer your crashing market review.
we're going down, man))
bounces from 61% retracement level i think, check it out
If you move out from BTC for a while, please if you can make updates for other markets. I really enjoy your analysis
+1 回覆
Also - GREAT call on AUDNZD. Much thanks!!
Back to 7400, then 6300 with Bitcoin, weee.
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