136561 148 339
Come on Manolo
評論: Clean so far. Shout out to the teachers who said Loops wouldn't make it.
評論: Mixed tears of joy with champagne drippin all over my body for Ive reached my final form; the emotional trader.
Good game though dude....
idem k 2k - izi dorozhka
here in Mexico we say -no mames no mames no mames no mames- its same a -holy shit!-
The curse has been lifted! Bull run initiated
Loops, what's next?! ''Fook da corn'' and park all our shit in STraTiS?!
+1 回覆
@issybale, LOL... yes... because when BTC goes crashing down lont term, alts moon... Lol...
@22loops what you see now, seems like it followed your chart for some months which is huge, do you thing this is breakout from your predicted trend now?
I think it is starting of bull market, considering action coming in next few months.
+1 回覆
Chinocshyp cryptopathshala
@cryptopathshala, haha Bear! Bear! Bear! Btc to <4000, ether to 100. Ain't thinking bull until then !
+1 回覆
holy shit...... called it
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