UPDATE - #Bitcoin 60 Day Timing Cycles.

In 2017 at least, Bitcoin has been showing us very consistent and clear 60 day Cycles. The sample size is relatively small, but the consistency is impressive.

Clearly for this Cycle, #Bitcoin has topped. There is a possibility that the parabola that started in 2017 has now ended or exhausted itself. That doesn't mean it's an end to this bull market by any stretch, but that a long period (maybe 2 or 3 full 60-day cycles) might be needed to consolidate the gains.

Whatever the outlook, I believe we might be looking at 3 more weeks of profit taking and consolidation. A good dip into the Jan 10th to 15th timeframe should be bought aggressively,

Right on!
thank you, this could help help
Good call :)
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Thanks to this analysis I didn't fomo buy when the price shoot up a few days ago. Let's say how far down we can go this cycle.
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Really nice analysis and chart. I was drawing similar outcome not so much based on time cycles but on being at a wave 5 within a larger wave 5 (elliot wave style). Given it looks like we have the initial drop now locked in I think we can better project the target for your 60 day low at $7.5K. i.e. ATH minus (1.618 x (ATH minus the low close of the latest dip)) Just my opinion. p.s. I also like to think the special date is 6/1/2018 since that is Epiphany and we may just have one. Not religious just like the coincidence. Keep up the analysis.
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It alrdy hit 10k today. Maybe this will be a short cycle
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