BTC heading to 8k before the next bull run?


Chart says it all!
評論: The marked area below the 8k level would be the second potential buy zone to look out for in case price breaks through the first area
評論: Wave (c) of B in the making. Expecting further upside & the completion of wave 4 soon.

Sell zone has been literally hit to the T ! However, there is still more space to the upside. $13.500-13.700 area is another strong confluence zone. This should be the maximum target. I am not expecting this level to be violated. If price proves me wrong, we'll see the start of the final bearish leg from there on.
評論: WE MIGHT - keep that in mind. It is a if..then scenario, as shown above.
評論: waiting for the next bloodbath to continue... once price has hit 8k, the market will be ready for the fifth and final wave of this cycle.
評論: The price might continue to rise, but as my forecasted sell zone has been hit, I won't be greedy to squeeze the last percentages out of that one :)
評論: Playing out perfectly so far
評論: Nothing has changed so far - a doji on the daily won't change my current short bias, as the bearish structure is still fully intact. This is a possible scenario, if we see price pushing a bit higher for the next few hours.

評論: Bias hasn't changed yet - still bearish. Currently in a triangle, which will either play out in a three wave (abc) or five-wave structure (abcde).

評論: Hey guys, same as my XRP idea the forecast is playing out perfectly so far. As for now, we are in my opinion in the third wave. Therefore I expect to see another minor correction (wave 4) before we see the final push to the downside. 8.2k-7.8k is still my projected target - but nevertheless a drop till 6k levels is also possible. I will update this idea, once wave 4 is about to end/has ended.

評論: Buy zone has been hit to the T! Congrats to the patient. However, same as with XRP - I do see three subwaves of wave c only. So, as I've wrote it in my last update yesterday, I do expect a final minor correction to the upside (wave 4), before price crashes once again. This can either play out in form of a double bottom, or if the recent low gets violated then I'd be looking for 7.3k-6.9k and maybe even lower. Will have to take a look at the charts when the time has come. Updates will follow!
評論: Very similar structure as XRP. Look for a three wave structure and the marked zone for potential shorts. We have two different buy zones. Once the fifth wave is in play, I will update this idea. Safe trades!

@BudBronson Any updates on this chart ?
BudBronson contactr2m
@contactr2m, just updated it
contactr2m BudBronson
@BudBronson, Thank you sir.
BudBronson contactr2m
@contactr2m, You're welcome!
Man you are nailing it. Thank you for your perfect forecasts and easy to understand explanations.
BudBronson alchemist07
@alchemist07, Thanks mate!
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