BTCUSD / 15m : Well.. here is the signal.. I'm in (speculative)

Hope this idea will inspire some of you !
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評論: Invalidation area got reached out to. But the market is failing to hold the H2 candle close (remember that the 15m signal entry remains into an overall H2/D1 scenario framework so only H2 candles matters here). I'm still in the trade, I'll see how this plays out during the evening and assess where to place a market stoploss for the overnight session. If necessary I'll have to reduce the position sizing... Anyway the trade remains active.
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In the news and it's worrying. Clear evidence and proof of massive criminal price manipulation of Bitcoin via Tether/Bitfinex.
Sure this news was also getting about late last year but now there is strong evidence. It looks bad because more time has evolved for people to see whats going on with Tether.
@leokim, Another Brock Pierce venture, enough said.
@PRO_Indicators Phil, sorry for my lack of comprehension but I can't understand which 15 min. figure triggers your buy signal. Visually on the chart is it the lower shadow higher than the previous one? Thanks if you can answer this question, anyhow thanks for your videos and charts, you help me a lot in my learning process
@Gus51, @Phil_RX has his own program that provides him the trade signals. It’s called signwave I believe
Gus51 vgooijer
@vgooijer, thanks mate, I know that Phil has his own indicators but visually there must be something you can check with your eyes that triggers the buy signal...that's the meaning of my question....
@Gus51, I made a video which link is on EVERY video description for those who need a refreshing on my strategy ground rules ! A signal means both sinewave and momentum signaling. They did right here with a sinewave TP pattern and momentum oversold pattern
videos and some analysis please!
so who survived the bear trap ...
leokim freesurf
@freesurf, not a trap!
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