BITCOIN: weekly OVERVIEW - Next station at 4.663? *19.11.18*

Hey tradomaniacs,

welcome to a weekly overview of Bit-Coin!

I know, everyone is nervous but also scared to miss the chance before we go up to the moon.

But it seems like we could still see some bullish momentums down to 4.663 - 4.000 before
we might continue the primary uptrend in Januar 2019!

Why do I think so?

Because big financial institutions won`t stack big positions at this price.
As always, the market will dump the retail-cryptoheads and cause panic sell-offs before they buy-in
in order to get a BTC as cheap as possible.

If you think BTC could be aa very nice alternative for the falling stock-market, you should
rather wait since the signs for a years-end-rally at the Wallstreet are positiv.

However, we will see what is going to happen.

The market is currently still bearish! Don`t buy just because you "guess" and FOMO.
Chill and wait for clear signals upwards. :-)

Peace and good trades

Wanna see more? Don`t forget to follow me!
Any questions? PM me. :-)
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