40-day mistake in calculation

3589 17
The BTC succeeded on Oct 22 to see the target at 6300 .
But was expected on 11 September.

But the future is more important .
From this moment. We expect a heavy fall to 2200 .
6300 is a major resistance. And BTC to cross it. Need a correction to 2200 .
Good luck
What is the future on bitcoin?
Any update on current price action?
Any updates on your stance with recent price action?
Hello!Will any changes in the forecast,because the price went higher?Or target is still 2200$?...and thank`s for your job!!!
Agree with the downside target. I think March 2018
i like and trade it good thank you
wave 5 of 5 is remaining in daily btc 7000-9000 in b/w top then 1000-2000$
I can't figure you guys out. For weeks I read of a correction to $3500 just before BTC went to $6k. You provide exactly 0 evidence for your view besides it happens to be shaped like a rainbow. I'm going to stop reading these analyses because almost none of them turn out to be true.
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willyans dtruitt
@dtruitt, Its because we cant preditc the future, its just the op thoughts. I dont think that btc will drop 2200. Its dropped to 3000 with china bullshits, without FUD wont drop 4500 i think.
AkashGaur dtruitt
@dtruitt, hhahahahahha "shaped like a rainbow"
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