BTC/USD $40k by July! Mah fractals said so :D

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Kind of a tongue in cheek joke-post rather than actual prediction.

People love to show fractals showing BTC/USD down to 4k, 3k etc so I made one too. This one is a fractal from last year super-imposed on current price action.

$40k by summer! :D

Disclosure: Current position is long BTC , long ETH, long LTC from start April consolidation. I don't expect this scenario to play out, but if it does, I will say I told you so and claim to be legendary. Thank you and goodnight.
評論: Extensive analysis of tea leaves, market psychology, sodoku puzzles and Bart wave theory has led me to the conclusion that if BTC goes up, it is bullish, if down, bearish. If sideways then it’s neither bullish nor bearish.

Whichever scenario plays out (up, down, sideways) I will claim I was right, and say I’m a legend. My calls are 100% right and never fail, the magic 8 ball is my best trading prediction tool.

Good luck traders!
評論: After 5 days of sideways, this fractal is so far playing out to be 100% ACCURATE. WOW! Who would have thought it would be 100% accurate, its like I tapped into some magic ability to see the future via the bars-pattern feature & copy paste?

I am ringing my mortgage broker now to get mortgage-long on the corn

_Disclosure: This is satire_
lol!!! hehe...
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