Bitcoin will reach 20,000$-21,000$ by January 2018

Hello everyone!
In my opinion, Bitcoin is really in a bubble, which will cause a significant correction in the coming months, which will be reflected in a sharp decline. However, because of its yield, the currency will not disappear but will return to rise.
In addition, I estimate that towards 1 January 2018, the price of the currency will rise to the range of $ 21,000 to $ 20,000.

A concise explanation of this, according to the points presented in the graph from the beginning of 2017:
Periods of immigration:
1. The slope of the graph rises consistently (B-> C = 7; 0-> 1 = 22; 2-> 3 = 56; 4-> 5 = 73).
2. The percentage of immigration decreases, but the amount of immigration rises (B-> C = 233%; 0-> 1 = 163%;
3. The period of immigration is reduced.

Period of decline:
1. Percentage of the wave period decreases, decreases.
2. The amount of the decline, increases.
3. The decline period decreases.

All of this indicates that we are moving towards the explosion of the bubble in the long run! I do not know how long and how significant it will be. But, in my opinion until the beginning of 2018 the currency will continue to rise significantly. As I said, I estimate that towards 1 January 2018, the price of the currency will rise to the range of $ 21,000 to $ 20,000. In the meantime, there will be a decrease of about 15% during the month (W-X points).
評論: The right time to do short: $ 18,000
Then need to re-buy around $ 16,300. Then do not sell at least up to $ 20,000.
評論: When will the bubble explode?

This was my original thought too, but it might not get there. Might come up short. We will see..already I see a lot of negativity coming from the regulators. You could end up being right. The listing on CME next week could give btc and extra 3000 points lift.
Are you serious ? This count is incorrect. (W)-(X)-(Y) of what ? How after impulse correction can go up ?
@Chri55t, I talked about two separate things:
First, the BTC is in the bubble. But no one knows when it will explode, and what the impact will be. This is my general perception. The yield here is unprecedented in scope historically!

Second, according to my calculations, I think the BTC will reach $ 21,000 to $ 20,000 before or during January 2018. However, as has happened so far, there will be a "small" fall in the way (W-X points).

Again, this is my assessment. But no one really knows what will be another month, day or minute!
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Chri55t VovaMihalovich
@VovaMihalovich, I think so too. But your markup is incorrect.
P.s.: i saw your previous count. Good job.
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